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Online shopping has become one of the most convenient forms of purchasing goods. But getting fast and cheap shipping is one of the biggest problems that buyers are faced with. Our built-in Drag&Drop Page Builder and awesome Options Panel will save your time like never before.

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We provide a wide range of forwarding services including Mail & Package Forwarding and eBay goods shipping. We can assist you in getting your correspondence and packages to our U.S. warehouses.


Online stores are one of the most convenient forms of acquisition of various goods from around the world at the cheapest prices. There is a great variety of online stores and auctions that provide millions of products such as electronics, clothing, auto parts, collectibles, jewelry, and musical instruments. eBay is rightly ranked first in the list of auctions themselves as the best in the world. When shopping on eBay you have several ways to get the goods:

  • «Buy It Now» (payment for goods by fixing the price proposed by the seller);
  • The option «Rates» (buyer who offers the highest bid wins). This method of shopping is one of the best ways to get the right product at the best price.

However, despite all the advantages of online stores and auctions, to get your purchase, if you are not in the United States, is not so easy. This is because a large number of sellers on eBay and popular online stores do not send products all over the world, or do send, but the delivery cost is very expensive. For the low-cost value goods, cost of sending to your country may exceed the value of the product itself.

Also, it can be difficult, as you may be asked for a US credit or debit card or a verified PayPal account that you will need to register and verify further.

We are a company who offer you a solution to all these problems with which you may encounter. We provide a wide range of freight forwarding services, including the receipt of mail from the US and eBay online stores, not-bulky cargo receipt, the receipt of your correspondence in letters and further transportation of the goods necessary to you in your country. We are ready to cooperate both with individuals and large companies that require personal warehouses for storing goods in the United States and further transportation to the desired country.

We offer you the best conditions for the transport of goods, our company value its clients and hope for long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.

Special rates for business users!

If you are registered in our company as a business user and you send over 100 packages a month through our service, we can offer you special rates!