About Us

About Us

Sterlings Company Ltd. has been doing freight forwarding services throughout the last 8 years. We are engaged in the delivery of large (not bulky) cargo and mail from online stores and popular auctions, such as eBay. We also provide storage of your goods in our warehouses in the United States. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who constantly improve their skills and get new certificates, so that Sterlings Company Ltd. can provide its customers with the best service in the market of transport companies. Over the years, our company has delivered more than 30,000 items by mail, as well as more than 15,000 major cargo, and we have a host of major business partners around the world. Many of our team members have extensive experience with eBay, previously working with supplies from the United States to countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Estonia. We are now focused on the development of one of our key destinations around the world, as well as the network of not-large warehouses for the storage of goods in the United States. All cargo posted through our company is always delivered on time and without any damage, we insure that all deliveries by amount are worth up to $3000. We have helped thousands of clients from all over the world in dealing with problematic situations they have encountered before applying to our company. We can deliver the goods, and even, if our competitors consider it impossible, we will find a way to deliver your goods on time.

Our team works in a complex and well-premeditated schedule workflow. We have developed our own techniques of expedited shipping and customs clearance of goods. When you become our customer, you will automatically trust us with all of the difficulties associated with the delivery of your goods from the United States. You can be sure that our experience will allow you to get all of your goods on time and without any damage; all items will be insured by the partners of our company in the most favorable rates for you. We are willing to allocate to you the personal address of the warehouse in the USA for your purchases at online stores and eBay, as well as personnel at your request that can negotiate with foreign suppliers of goods.

Choose Sterlings Delivery, Inc and forget about any difficulties you may encounter when waiting for the delivery of goods from the US to your country. Any and all difficulties are solved by our experienced managers in the shortest possible time, all you need to do is pay for our services and get your desired product in the right place in the shortest period of time.

Special rates for business users!

If you are registered in our company as a business user and you send over 100 packages a month through our service, we can offer you special rates!