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Payments Method and Billing

What other forms of payment you offer?

We accept debit cards (not including specific regions) wire transfer, Bitcoin as well as PayPal. When making payments make sure to always use our order forms. Simply register for your account then press Add Deposit. When making $500 payments use Bitcoin or wire transfer otherwise your payment may be held for longer span of time to void. Our order form will instantly provide accepted payment option.

What is the Spending Maximum on Accounts?

Each account has a limit in spending. Fresh accounts have least spending limit. However, established or those who have years of account their spending limit is higher. Spending limit signifies the amount of money you could use for postage and some other services through PayPal or debit card payment scheme. The spending limit will go as you utilize our series. Bitcoin payments, wire transfer or payments by means of partners payment do not have limits on spending. You may want to post a wire transfer to deliver the initial package. You could also raise the spending limit through offering 1583 notarized forms and two valid copies of personal identification. Form 1583 will improve your spending limit by fifty percent.

What is the initial payment or deposit for?

Those who would want to utilize our services more often, they can pre-pay sending through utilizing initial payment option. Through this way, you do not need to disburse for each package individually. Go to your account and you will see your existing balance as well as the link for disbursing an extra initial payment.

Are there some extra charges?

There’s a 4.3 percent charge just for assisted purchases or postage. Our company does not ask payment for a bank charge on pay-out for the services, however just for the cost of shipping. This is because most of the times postage could be costly. Like for example, postage for single package can charge $200. We ask payment, for only $1 in forwarding the delivery. However, debit Card Company will charge us 4.3 percent for incoming worldwide disbursement; therefore we will just get one dollar and 6.60 dollars in back charges. The fees cover the charge of getting the banking costs. If you can't afford to pay 4.3 percent charge, you have to use a wire transfer. Right away we will add 4.3 percent to all wire transfer disbursements and just charge $16 for receiving the transfer. This is a flat rate.

What kind of services do you provide and what are the charges? Are there some extra charges?

We have lots of services to offer. We have Virtual Mailbox and individual packages. You can advance to Virtual Mailbox anytime you want. You can also relegate to Individual Packages to avoid monthly charges. All the modification could be done on your account. The mailbox number will stay the same.

We also offer other extra services. Clients can ask special instruction for every package on their account. Like for example, if you want to know whether or not a specific store integrated all things in your procure, or if you like us to know if the package is in a good condition be it a notebooks, cameras, electronics, etc. Another sample of special lessons is assisting with warranty issues, returns and many more. For more information visit company's Terms and Conditions.

Can you merge my packages into one parcel?

Of course, yes, we can merge package, but you need to sign up for the virtual mailbox plan. Once you have registered for Individual Package plan, sad to say, but we do not provide consolidation. Virtual Mailbox only costs $50 annually and you can advance anytime. The mailbox number will keep the same.

Do I Need to Notify You for some incoming packages?

You do not need to inform us regarding incoming parcels. We will give you a notice through email as soon as we get the package as it is important to fill out the custom statement.

Can I put in any name on my account?

Yes, in fact, you can do it without any obligation. Just put them in your account using other names. These should be real individuals and we reserve the right to ask notarized form and two valid ID’s for additional individuals.

What is the process of filing a claim to lost parcel?

You can read this lecture explaining the process of filing a claim for lost packages. This applies to parcel not shipped to our company warehouse or parcels not shipped to you. Once you see that the parcel was shipped to our storeroom and not entered in your account within twenty four hours, please click the File a Claim link.

This is the simplest means to get your package. Don't send us an email. Instead, use the link on your customer account.

In the event you have issues about missing parcels we need verification that packages are really lost or photos taken from parcel while it was still in our storeroom (photos could be taken for just $2 with exclusive request).

Shipping and Services

What is the exact of shipping a package to my state?

To know the exact price or shipping a package to a certain country, please utilize our Shipping Calculator. Type your country, the ZIP codes and the weight of your package. You can choose how every package will be delivered. Simply log into your account, then change the method of shipping. The postage is recalculated instantly.

How does your company fill out customs declaration for every package?

The time we get new packages, right away we will notice you through email. You will want to register for your account and there you will see the packages received and you'll be capable to update details for customers like value, description etc. For more information, visit our tutorial regarding filling out a customs declaration.

Always remember, you have to fill out customs declaration properly. This is your responsibility and duty. For instance, you are not certain what is included in the package, we can open it and assess it and see the content. Utilize Special Content once you log in to your account.

Do you offer the COD or Collect on Delivery?

We can complete supported purchases for you and then forward any parcel to your home address, on the other hand, we do not offer COD or Collect on Delivery forwarding.

Can I get mail or letters and magazines?

Yes, however, before getting a mail or letter first you need to modify the setting of your account for the services to take account receiving mail, letters and magazines, or else the mail and magazines will be left over. We also provide Fast MailOut for magazines and letters with mail out charge of only $1. You need to submit a notarized form and two valid ID's if you want to get letters.

How will you know the parcel is mine?

Once the registration process is complete, we will give a mailbox code to you. You will utilize this mailbox number with the name and the address of the shipping company. If the packages comes we will make out your mailbox number and name on it. We will notice you through email and you'll also see the parcel on your account. ‘

Let's say, you lose our parcel in our store room?

If we cannot find your parcel in our storeroom we will instantly notice you. Sometimes it happens that parcel is misplaced. Sometimes we find your parcel sometimes we can’t. We only need time as we have lots of packages that come into our warehouse every day. We are only human and we make mistakes. We will request you to give copies of an invoice or a receipt. If we can't find your parcel you will be completely compensated. Please ensure that value filled on the statement in customs is the same as the amount given on the invoice.

I think (Company Name) did error during processing my parcel.

If you believe package has wrong weight, consolidation, dimension as well as special request was not correctly processes don't hesitate to inform us. Choose the parcel on customer account, click the Request tab and select Report Mistake option. When our company really made an error you are not obligated to pay any centavo and this will be addressed as soon as possible. A false report is charged 2 dollars to cover the world of checking.

Are there some items that can't be delivered?

Yes. There are items which are restricted and can't be delivered with any carrier company such as:

  • Ammunition
  • Firearm parts
  • Gun Parts
  • Reflex sight
  • Red Dot Sight
  • Scope
Any prohibited things under US Customers and Border Protection, Department of Commerce, ITAR, US Department of Treasury and US Department of State
  • Flammable items
  • Explosive material
  • Pornography
  • Corrosive materials
  • Live or dead plants or animals
  • Human remains
  • Any electronic tool or any equipment which needs ECCN# or Export Control Classification Number. For carrier limits you could check the listing on the calculator.

What delivery methods do you provide? Can you utilize my billing account for TNT, DHL or FedEx Shipment?

We only support the shipping schemes stated in our calculator. Just enter the dimensions and weight of the parcel to know how it will be delivered. Once you don't see any specific shipping method, then it is not supported by our methods. We do not support 3rd party billing accounts as well.

Is there an exception available so as to use another method of shipping not shown on company's calculator?

Our low cost is based on automation and certified shipping schemes we presently utilize. Please ensure what methods of shipping, we utilize prior to shipping any parcels to us. We have the broadest selection of shipping schemes we provide. If we need to manually handle any delivery with diverse shipping agency, we have to charge 35 dollars hourly to ready all shipping papers.

Security and Fraud Prevention

Let Say My Account is on Hold for Security Reason? Do I Have the Right to Use Paypal Account or Credit Card of Someone Else's?

The information on the PayPal Account or Credit Car should match that on the (name of the company) account. When holders of the specific account don't match that on your (name of the company) account, account holders will require to be completely assessed or verified through notarized 1583 from credit card and PayPal owner and (Company name) account holder. We will instantly close any account in the event we are noticed by traders that a stolen debit card was utilized.

There are a couple of legal exceptions and we consent, then if you give notarized form from the owner of the account and the one making payments on your account. And the original form should be notarized and send to us along with two valid Id's, Drivers license and Passport.

Copy of two valid ID's and 1583 form is needed by USPS in the event you want to get packages or mail by means of the USPS delivery scheme. Log in to your account and carry a pre-filled notarized 1583 form. Sign and then notarize your name and mail original with two kinds of Identification when possible.

Once we get a chargeback, and it is discovered that a 3rd party PayPal and credit card was utilized, they will be closed right away.

Store owners and traders; please call us right away if you are a prey of PayPal or Credit Card fraud. If we discover that a stolen debit card was utilized, right away we send the package back to you. Our company has zero tolerance rules and fraud account is cancelled immediately.

We also provide a program where we can assure you the sakes one you purchased straight to us. Never lose international sales and allow us to keep the possibility of accommodating international payments.




The Purpose of the Sign-up Fee

Activating your account does not require the sign-up fee. The fee which is the minimum of $5 is to actually cover the expense in sending and posting your first package. However, it must be paid during registration which would assure us that you can pay once your orders arrive. It will be your initial deposit on your orders. Through this fee, we can also determine and solve the problems if there is any trouble on your credit line or other methods of payment. The fee can also be paid through wire transfer or through our payment partners.

Having Your Own Address

Your new created account will be our basis for generating shipping addresses for you and these available addresses will be on your account.

We are Not a PO Box Address

Only a part of your address is mailbox or may contain suite number but they do not wholly signify a PO Box address. We are a company with a whole bunch of staff that works from nine in the morning until six in the evening that we are able to receive income packages anytime throughout the day from Monday to Friday. And we also consider that a number of sellers do not ship to PO Box addresses. This may be explained by the fact that FedEx, UPS, and DHL do not deliver packages to PO Box addresses.

Our Services Go International

We do not exclusively provide our services to one country. In fact we do offer them across the countries around the world. However, we do not cater them in Iran, North Korea, and Sudan. For more information about shipping restrictions, you may check it from FedEx, USPS, TNT, and DHL.

Special rates for business users!

If you are registered in our company as a business user and you send over 100 packages a month through our service, we can offer you special rates!