How It works

How It works

If you need to buy any product from US online stores or eBay, all you need to do is to choose it and apply for a form with this product on our website through a convenient web panel. After that, you need to make a payment for the goods and cost of services of the company Sterlings Company Ltd. Upon receipt of your goods in our warehouses in the US, we will select the best method of sending the goods to your country, we will contact you to clarify the terms of delivery of the goods and the cost of sending it. Usually, we send the goods in the two most popular ways, to send large boxes we use the postage companies like USPS, EMS, Fedex, DHL, and Meest Company. We recommend that you use large cargo shipment in containers with the help of ships. Thanks to our warehouses in the US, you can get any product that is allowed by US law to shipment, despite the fact that many sellers do not proceed with sending to your country.

It's time to come to our company that provides freight forwarding services, and rental of warehouses in the United States. After signing the agreement with our company, you will need to choose a suitable price plan, after which your personal manager will add to you the online panel address of the warehouse in the US. Our company has warehouses in pretty much every state in the US, if you do not have staff approached the warehouse, which you have received from the manager, simply contact us and we will easily change the address of the desired state. All you have to do is choose the right product, pay for the services of our company and relax, everything else will be made by our managers, starting from the delivery of your parcel to our warehouse in the United States, ending with the choice of the most advantageous methods for sending parcels abroad and customs clearance on the territory of your country. For cheaper rates when sending mail, we recommend to gather several parcels into one, so you can save up to 60% of the cost of sending the goods. After you send your product you will be able to track the path of the mail delivery sending in real-time, delivery is made hand in hand, in your home country, the goods will be delivered precisely in the place you need.

Packaging of your product also depends on the chosen method of shipping as shipping by sea requires a wooden box, and when you send by the postal service carton box is enough. As well, the type of packaging depends on the distance between the US and the end point of your goods. Basically, air Express cost of sending mail is more expensive approximately by 2 times comparing to shipping by waterway. Our company offers you 100% insurance of the goods against damage and loss. By submitting the goods through our company, you can be calm and confident with the safety of your cargo.

Special rates for business users!

If you are registered in our company as a business user and you send over 100 packages a month through our service, we can offer you special rates!