Our main service is sending mail and packages of our customers in the United States wherever they need in the world. There are quite a few companies in the US and Europe that offer paid services for the carriage of mail. Imagine that you would like to purchase a product that you cannot send directly to the country where you live, usually most of the online stores in the US does not have the ability to send your desired product in other countries outside the United States, so how do you buy this product? Here to help you comes Sterlings Company Ltd., our company. We provide you with the real address in the US where you can send your parcel or order the necessary goods on eBay. Our experienced manager will receive this product at our address, and make photos of the received parcel from all the sides to check the goods for external damage. All the pictures of the goods you can check in a convenient web panel on our website, through which it is very easy to keep track of the status of your parcel. If you want to receive a large number of parcels on your personal stock, we can offer services for the reconciliation of items from different stores in one box, as it will help you significantly save on shipping, so you can order the transport by sea in a container, as well as sending by mail, because sending large boxes fares for mail will be several times cheaper than if you send small boxes separately.

Your parcels, that come to our warehouses, are located in special rooms that meet all international standards and rules of storage of goods, at our warehouse your goods are safely stored. Our company has a customer support that can perform customs clearance services and ensures the safety of your products during shipping.

Our services also include all necessary negotiations associated with the purchase and shipping of your goods in shops and on eBay. Our experts will help you with the opportunity to reduce the final price when negotiating with sellers on eBay, which guarantees you the best price for the desired product. We also offer consulting services on the best method for sending your shipment We will prepare several beneficial options for the timing and the cost of shipping, will conduct market analysis, and tell you how to ship your item the best. All this is done in order to save you time and money, and receive the fastest delivery for a cheap price.

The only thing that the buyer needs to do is choose a product.We will check its availability in the US warehouses of retailer, find out the delivery time, try to reduce the final price of the product. Any details you need, will be easily given by our managers, if you ask.

Special rates for business users!

If you are registered in our company as a business user and you send over 100 packages a month through our service, we can offer you special rates!